We’ve walked through the farms in Nicaragua, touched the soil in Honduras, smoked in factories in the Dominican Republic, and explored Cuba. Our mission is to find and provide our guests with only the best tobacco ever produced. Our selection was meticulously crafted by our in-house curator with quality in mind.

List of Cigars

Whisgars Sukhumvit

  • PERDOMO Habano (BBA) Connecticut

  • BESPOKE Gran Mareva

  • MY FATHER Don Pepin Garcia Orginal Blue

  • BESPOKE Basilica # 3

Whisgars Silom

  • PERDOMO Habano (BBA) Connecticut Robusto

  • BESPOKE Gran Mareva

  • BESPOKE Traditional Line Cotton Tail

  • PERDOMO 10th Anniversary Robusto Champagne

  • PERDOMO 20th Anniversary Robusto Sungrown

  • PERDOMO Habano (BBA) Epiqure Sungrown

  • CAO Amason Basin

  • CAO Flathead

  • BESPOKE Basilica # 1

  • BESPOKE Basilica # 3